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Corporate Social Responsibility

Photograph courtesy of WaterAid

We believe it makes good business sense to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

CSR is a management strategy whereby we try to create a positive impact on society while doing business. We have a two-point agenda—to improve qualitatively, which is the management of people and processes (including those of our Clients), and quantitatively which is a measurable impact on society. 

​There are three main areas in which we strive to maintain and increase our positive impact:

1. Environment

A primary focus of our corporate social responsibility is the environment. We have a measurable carbon footprint. Any steps we can take to reduce our footprints are considered both good for the company and society as a whole.


Examples include:


  • Travelling only when necessary, and then by the most energy efficient method

  • Video conferencing rather than attending meeting whenever possible

  • Using electronic documentation as opposed to printing

  • Managing energy usage in our buildings (turning off lights, turning down heating, turning off Air Conditioning etc)

2. Philanthropy

We also practice social responsibility by donating to global, national and local charities. Whether it involves giving money or time, we have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.


Examples include:


We make regular monthly donations to the following associations/charities:

     - Water Aid (www.wateraid.com)

     - Shelter (www.shelter.org.uk)

     - Air Ambulance (www.midlandsairambulance.com)

     - Anthony Nolan (www.anthonynolan.org)

     - Greenpeace (www.greenpeace.org)


  • We support local community projects by providing funds to help develop sports fields, plant trees and clear public pathways

  • Senior management volunteer at local and regional levels within the community as both advisers and manual helpers

3. Ethical labour practices and Diversity Program

By treating our employees fairly and ethically, we also demonstrate our corporate social responsibility. This is particularly relevant to Radstones as we operate in international locations with labour laws that differ from those in the United States.


Radstones welcomes business approaches from individuals and organisations that own or manage businesses in accordance with internationally recognised diversity protocols.


Radstones is committed to developing an organisation in which fairness and equality of opportunity are central to our business and our working relationships. We aim to work with and employ people from a diversity of backgrounds, with a wide range of skills in order to make us more adaptable, understanding and receptive to the needs of the communities we serve.

We are committed to equality of opportunity in all areas of employment, including recruitment, development and promotion. We aim to treat all staff fairly, with dignity and respect, regardless of any factor which is unrelated to their ability.


Ethical labour practices are fundamental not only to our employment practices but also to the way in which we deliver our services. We aim to promote diversity within the relocation industry, to provide services equitably that meet the needs of all groups in the community and to treat all customers and suppliers with dignity and respect.